Southern Africa

Posted on January 7, 2008


Click here to read about my impressions and experience while studying, interning and traveling  in South Africa (Jan-Dec 2008).    [The page is in Dutch]

During this year I attended University of Pretoria, taking courses in public international law and international relations. I also worked as a research intern with Khulumani Support Group – a membership based NGO for victims and survivors of apartheid in South Africa. My research focused on the corporate involvement in the state-corporate crime of apartheid. Apartheid is not something that began in 1948 and is not something that could have been implemented without the support of large corporations, governments and political leaders. Currently the members of Khulumani are trying to hold international companies, that were involved extensively in implementing and upholding the system of apartheid, legally accountable for their acts in South Africa.

In between working on my studies and internship I’ve traveled Southern Africa with friends; unforgeteable trips to Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The nature, people and culture took my breath away every time.

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