Celebrating childhood in Gaza

Posted on February 25, 2012


No writing or pictures this time, but a simple short video showing part of a music concert.

A few days ago the children of the al Sununu Choir, coming from all over the Gaza Strip, performed in Gaza City. They sang with joy and passion; something so normal for a child to do, yet seemingly rare in Gaza. One of the children in particular stole my heart and I think that of all who heard him sing; Kareem stood in front of the crowded hall, full of confidence and enthusiasm. Even though he could not see his audience, it did not make the interaction less powerful. This young blind boy is, and I’m sure he will continue to be, a source of hope and inspiration for many.

Thursday 23 February, Gaza City (in the Palestine Red Crescent Society Hall).

The al Sununu Choir concert, was organized by the Rostropovich-Vishmevskaya association.

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