Gaza: a week in photos

Posted on March 15, 2012


Last Friday, an Israeli drone missile hit a car driving in a densely populated residential neighourhood in Gaza City, killing PRC leader Zuhair Qaisa and his son in law, Mahmoud Ahmad Hunein. This assassination sparked five days of rocket salvos from the Gaza Strip, which was used by Israel as a pretext for more airstrikes, leaving 24 Palestinians dead and injuring at least 70, many of them civilians.

Throughout the week demonstrations were organized to express solidarity with and demand the immediate release of prisoner of conscience Hana Shalabi, a courageous young woman who went on hunger strike to protest against her administration detention in Israeli jails. Hana has not eaten since 16 February and her health condition is deteriorating rapidly. Under the administrative detention procedure Israel currently keeps more than 300 Palestinians locked up, based on secret evidence, and without charging them. The abuse of the procedure by Israel has been condemned globally, especially following the 66-day hunger strike of administrative detainee Khader Adnan.



On Saturday Gaza’s medical centers released an urgent call, asking for blood donations. On Sunday dozens of young people, mobilized through social media the night before, came to Gaza’s Blood Bank to heed the call for help.





In December the Israeli navy placed floats at 3 nautical miles off the Gaza shore; a demarcation of the illegally imposed fishing and sailing limit imposed as part of the overall closure that continues to suphocate the Gaza Strip. The floats shine brightly at night and can be seen from the beach. As time passed a fisherman discovered something: the bright lights had an attracting effect on the fish. Now several Gaza’s fishermen have installed powerfull lights atop their fishing boats to take advantage of this new knowlegde. Even though it cannot make up for the lost catch as a result of the 3 n.m. limit, it is a way to try and manage under the circumstances.




In the meantime…….

The electricity crisis continues….

The closure continues….


And so does daily life