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De Gazastrook; een tikkende tijdbom

June 16, 2016


De Gazastrook is een tikkende tijdbom; de vraag is niet óf de bom afgaat, maar wanneer. Deze maand gaat de afsluiting van de Gazastrook zijn tiende jaar in. De VN en het Internationale Rode Kruis noemen de afsluiting een collectief straffen van de burgerbevolking; een misdrijf dat vervolgd kan worden door het internationaal strafhof in […]

Shhht! Don’t discuss my freedom of expression!

January 25, 2015


Since the Charlie Hebdo attack, there has been one question you’re not allowed to ask in western Europe: how do freedom of expression and respect relate to each other in our multicultural societies, and (how) can they coexist? Asking that question is like opening Pandora’s box, and is met with defensive/aggressive responses reflecting a fear […]

#IAmNotCharlie – #JeNeSuisPasCharlie

January 8, 2015


Do I think yesterday’s mass murder was a despicable act? Of course. Do I feel great anger and sadness for those who lost their lives and loved ones? Naturally. And it goes without saying that no cartoon can justify violence, EVER. But still, I am not Charlie Hebdo! In western Europe, the freedom of expression […]

They have a dream

September 11, 2013


“I feel like I’m stuck in a box, a box that is totally closed. There is nothing I can do about my situation. Everything around me, the political situation and conflict, it is all outside of my control.” This is my friend Abeer Alabyad (26) who spent all day today waiting to cross the Rafah […]

Gates of hell

November 14, 2012


At 3.35 today Gaza started shaking; the Israeli occupation army started a new military offensive on the Gaza Strip, which they codenamed “Pillar of Defense”. A series of airstrikes hit Gaza city, Khan Younis and other places across the Gaza Strip. Ahmad al-Jabari, the leader of Hamas’ Al Qassam brigades, and his deputy were assassinated […]

PHOTOS: Gaza variety

May 14, 2012


“How do you see Gaza?” is a question you often get as a foreigner living in Gaza. It is the variety and contrasts within the Gaza Strip, and Palestine as a whole, that make it impossible to catch my observations in a few phrases. This week, Gaza showed its happiness, hope, heritage, steadfastness, strength, beauty, […]

On 5 May: 5 hours between liberation and oppression

May 6, 2012


Yesterday, 5 May, my country -the Netherlands- celebrated Liberation Day, the annual commemorating of the end of the Nazi occupation and second World War. Across the country cities hosted music concerts, veteran marches and literary events. For most of the Dutch however, concepts of freedom and peace are as normal as having breakfast or talking […]